Current location:
Shipyard and Workshop Facility

Berth condition

Total three building berths:

BerthLength/breadth/h eightLoad bearingRated lifting capacity
1# 9,000DWT berthsL:159.5m/B:29.6mHardened cement ground 30T/M2Frame crane 80T   1set
2# 4,000DWT berthsL:118m/B:27mHardened cement ground 30T/M2Frame crane  80T    1 set
3# 3,000DWT berthsL:100.4M/B:42MHardened cement ground 30T/M2Frame crane 60T   1 set

Workshop Condition

Workshop 1Ground surfaceLifting
Cutting and black iron outfittingHardened cement groundOverhead crane
CuttingHardened cement groundOverhead crane
Block fabrication 1 Hardened cement groundFrame  crane
Block fabrication 2Hardened cement groundframe crane
Block fabrication 3Hardened cement groundFrame crane
Pipe work shopHardened cement groundOverhead crane
Galvanized iron outfittingHardened cement groundOverhead crane
Electrical, machinery and bench workHardened cement groundOverhead crane
WarehouseHardened cement groundOverhead crane

Steel Shipbuilding Facilities

3.1 Special equipment
1Fork truck7
2Gantry crane1
3Frame crane21
4Crawling crane2
5Trunk crane2
6Platform trailer + tractor‐truck1
3.2 Welding equipment
1CO2 welder166
2AC welder246
3DC carbon planer14
4Inverter welder32
5Argon arc welder3
6submerged arc welder16
7Stud welder1
8CNC cutter3
9Angle welding trolley24
3.3 Processing of hull material
1Hydraulic plate shear1
2Roller mill1
3Veneer reeling machine1
4Milling machine1
5Cold‐frame bender1
6Universal door rolling machine1
7Hydraulic machine2
880T Oil hydraulic press1
9Air compressor5
1036V Low pressure fan161
3.4 Machining
1Medium/small lathe3
3Universal miller4
4Band sawing machine1
5Bench drill4
6Radial drilling machine3
3.5 Carpenter processing
1Vertical single‐spindle milling machine1
3600 Thicknesser2
8Multi axis woodworking drilling machine1
9Trepanning machine2
10Edge bonding machine2
11Line number printer1
13Boring machine2
14Punching machine2
15Linear sharpener2
16Beading machine1
3.6 Experimental installation
1Salt water vat1
2Marine generator set load test system14200KW
3.7 Piping processing
1Pipe bender2
2Hydraulic pressure testing pump2

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