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Chengyang District, 
Qingdao China.

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News and Events

  • Jan
    navigation for boat

    1.Autonomous navigation Autonomous navigation system is suitable for any of the above five routes. It is basically a simple navigation system. Its main feature is to provide users with position, speed, heading and time information. It can also include chart navigation. Trace display without communic

  • Jan
    marine communication

    marine communication

  • Dec
    How to make your aluminum boat as clean as new

    We use for a long time also should pay attention to the aluminum alloy aluminum yacht yacht maintenance, usually, when we clean the aluminum yacht, should follow from high to low, fore and aft to clean aluminum yacht, because aluminum alloy yachts are generally designed to drain lines, so we wi

  • Dec
    How to extend the battery life of aluminum boat

    Aluminium boat need some way to increase the effectiveness and service life of batteries:1.

  • Dec
    How to transport aluminum fishing boat

    Private aluminum fishing boat transportation is also a common headache in the industry. If conditions permit, it is best to drive a private aluminum fishing boat directly to the place where you are using it. However, this is rarely the case

  • Nov
    How to port Aluminum fishing/speed/passenger boat

    I believe there are many customers who want to understand the mooring problem of aluminum alloy yachts,

  • Nov
    Fiberglass 26ft Panga model Fishing Boat delivery

    Fiberglass 26ft Panga model Fishing Boat deliveryWe dilvery 26ft panga boat

  • Nov
    How to choose the mooring rope for the aluminum yacht

    Safety coefficient of aluminium alloy yacht is a bit important the cordage stand or fall degree that wants to see aluminium alloy yacht,

  • Nov
    Rebirth of a cruise

    The revival of modern cruise ships began in the 1970s.

  • Nov
    Cruise ship or yacht?

    The cruise ship is a general term for all types of passenger ships that carry passengers for travel, visits, and excursions.

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Room906 Unit2, Building 40, No.702, Shanhe Road, Chengyang District, Qingdao China.
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