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navigation for boat

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  1. Autonomous navigation Autonomous navigation system is suitable for any of the above five routes. It is basically a simple navigation system. Its main feature is to provide users with position, speed, heading and time information. It can also include chart navigation. Trace display without communication system. Suitable for any ship sailing on the sea, lake and inland river, from large ocean freighters to private yachts

  2. Port management and arrival guidance This system is mainly used for ship dispatch management and port arrival guidance to ensure the safety and order of port / terminal navigation. The system requires two-way data / voice communication to facilitate navigation by the pilot; port area situation / chart display to indicate berthing ships and available entry routes to avoid collision. This system has high requirements for the accuracy of the navigation system. Differential GPS and other enhanced technologies are required.

  3. Waterway traffic management system This type of system is similar to 2 but is mainly used for navigation and management of ships on offshore and inland waterways. Satellite communication systems are usually required, such as INMARSAT, etc.

  4. Tracking and surveillance system This type of system is mainly used for patrol boats, anti-smuggling boats and various yachts, especially private yachts to prevent theft. Depending on the specific users, some systems need to provide navigation parameters and two-way data / voice communication, such as anti-smuggling boats. And sometimes it is not necessary to give navigation parameters, such as anti-theft for private yachts, only one-way data communication is needed. Once theft occurs, the navigation system on the yacht constantly sends its position and heading to the relevant center for easy tracking.

  5. Emergency Rescue System The system also includes amphibious aircraft, helicopters and land vehicles. It is suitable for all five types of routes and is used to search and rescue various distressed, distressed ships and people on the sea, lake and inland rivers. This type of system requires two-way data / voice communication, which requires fast response time and high positioning accuracy.

  6. GPS / sonar combination for underwater robot navigation This type of combination system can be used for underwater pipeline laying and maintenance (requires a vision system), hydrological surveys, and other undersea operations, such as for underwater surveys of ports / piers for easy access. Clearances at the fairway in the field are cleared to ensure the unobstructed fairway, and it can also be used for ocean fishing, fishing boat operation guidance, etc.

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