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marine communication

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marine communication

Communication methods commonly used by ships at sea include: flag communication light communication sound signal communication flag or arm communication loudspeaker communication radio telephone communication radio telex communication international mobile phone communication E-mail communication Internet communication

1.Flashing Light Signalling-----To transmit information by means of a Morse signal from a flashing light

2.Flag Signalling----------------The use of one or more flags to form different message Numbers

3.Morse Signalling By Hand-Flag or Arms------Hold a flag in each hand or use only two arms to switch parts of the Morse signal to transmit information

4.ound Signalling---------------Morse signals are transmitted by sound instruments such as ship's whistle, bell and foghorn

5.Voice over a Loud Hailer-----Use loudspeakers to communicate at close range

6.Radio Telegraphy-------------GMDSS will cease to exist when it is fully operational and will be replaced by advanced methods such as radio telefax or satellite communications

7.Radio Telephony--------------The use of wireless telephone equipment over the medium frequency high frequency very high frequency equal-frequency band through direct dialogue or sending a message number language transmission

8.GMDSS------------------------The system is a comprehensive GMDSS equipment for widely used maritime communication systems, including high frequency and VHF digital selective call receiver, narrow-band dac receiver, emergency position beacon search and rescue radar transponder and hand-held portable walkie-talkie

9.INMARSAT---------------------Users can use satellite mobile terminals, signal on the satellite and ground station and then, through the international or domestic telecommunications public communication network and other fixed or mobile users (including mobile terminal users) satellite communication, in turn, public sites and other fixed or mobile users can also through the contact INMARSAT satellite and satellite mobile terminal through the development of all kinds of business system to provide customers with highly perfect communication function, including adapted to different user characteristics of all kinds of telephone fax low real-time high speed data and store-and-forward telex message transmission data report, etc., can meet the sea Land and air management and user communications

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