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Wuhan city deblock tomorrow

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           Starting at 00:00 on March 25th, the control of the channel outside the Hubei was removed from Wuhan outside Wuhan, and external traffic was restored in an orderly manner. The personnel from Hubei moved safely and orderly based on the Hubei Health Code “Green Code”.

           Wuhan continues to implement strict control measures for the Lihan and Lihe channels. Starting at 00:00 on March 25, under the premise of good health management and implementation of prevention and control measures, migrant workers holding Hubei Health Code "Green Code" will take "point-to-point, one-stop" after passing nucleic acid testing. The “method” method focuses on precise and accurate delivery to ensure safe and orderly return to work. From 00:00 on April 8th, Wuhan City lifted the control measures of the Li-Han and Li-Eh passages and resumed the external traffic in an orderly manner. The personnel from the Han country moved in a safe and orderly manner based on the Hubei Health Code “Green Code”.

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