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What is IMO number ?

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What is IMO number ?

The earliest encoders of ships are unknown, but the systematic use of encoders dates back at least to the 1960s, when the Lloyd's Register carries out an annual ranking of the encoders on its registry. Subsequently, in order to avoid trouble and standardize management, LR decided that the six-digit code used for the ships registered with Lowe's would be the ship's lifetime code and would not change with the change of the ship's name or other information. In the early 1970s, LR reached an agreement with the shipowners and shipyards, and the ship's code was already coded at the beginning of the new ship.

In order to strengthen maritime safety management and protect the Marine environment, prevent maritime fraud, and to state that it is not intended to impair liability matters, civil acts or any other commercial acts in the operation of ships, IMO introduced the Lloyd's Register of Shipping Identification and Coding System at its 15th congress in November 1987. All the governments of the contracting parties were encouraged to use IMO Numbers on existing ships, which is how the IMO Numbers came about. Subsequently, in 1996, when the IMO enforced the special measures to enhance maritime safety in Chapter XI-1 of SOLAS Convention, the IMO code identification mechanism was also required for ships flying the flags of States Parties that met the requirements of the Convention.

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