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Teak made the top luxury yacht

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Teak made the top luxury yacht

"The King of Ten Thousand Woods"-Burmese teak. Teak, one of the most precious and valuable hardwoods in the world, has a beautiful pattern and a golden color. It is known as the "King of Ten Thousand Woods". It is the best wood for manufacturing top luxury yacht decks, luxurious palaces, and precious handed down furniture.        It takes at least 60 years for a teak tree to grow to become a wood. There is an old saying in Europe: "Old teak as precious as gold!" (Old teak as precious as gold!). Teak has as strong antioxidant properties as gold. One of the oldest wooden bridges in the world, the Lover's Bridge in Burma's Daodehu Lake is more than two kilometers long. It is constructed entirely of teak wood and remains immortal after hundreds of years. The teak deck of the Titanic was salvaged ashore after resting on the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean for nearly a hundred years, and the deck is still intact. The quality of teak is evident.

Born for the top deck? Count the "four most" teak        Whether in a dry or humid environment, teak has a non-slip function, so it is particularly suitable for making yacht decks.        Teak contains extremely heavy oil and has super corrosion resistance. It is the only wood that will not bend and crack under seawater erosion and sun exposure.

The color of teak wood is classic and durable, ranging from golden yellow to bronze, and will produce beautiful black stripes over time. The colorful oil shadows, paved on a large area, constitute a variety of natural scenery, classical and elegant, very high grade. Only wood with both quality and taste is worthy of high-end luxury yachts, and this is also an important reason why Yihong chooses teak as a yacht deck.       The unique natural mellow fragrance of teak wood can prevent insects and ants, and at the same time it is refreshing and has a good calming effect on the human brain and nervous system. Going out on a yacht is to relax yourself away from the hustle and bustle, or for business negotiation to promote cooperation, or to party and revel with relatives and friends. The unique scent of teak and the unique relaxing and pleasant atmosphere of the sea will surely make everyone who travels impressed. This line.

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