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Selection of sea fishing spots in each season of spring, summer, autumn and winter

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Selection of sea fishing spots in each season of spring, summer, autumn and winter

       In the sea, the change of sea temperature and its height have a great impact on the activities of fish, and the height and change of water temperature are closely related to the season

       Fishing site selection in spring

       After beginning of spring, the weather gets warmer, all things recovery, fish after a winter hibernation, began activity, for their own growth, reproduction of the need for a lot of eating, but it also has a gradual process in early spring season, the soil, fish stay in deep water area, more rarely come to close to beach, fishing should be positioned in the deep water area, average water depth above 5 meters, and in the late spring, has been a significant rise in temperature, fish activities strengthen greatly, has been greatly increased feeding intensity, ordered optional in shallow place bait fishing, average depth is 2 ~ 3 meters

       Fishing site selection in summer

       After the summer, when the temperature rises to more than 25, general fish also can't stand the heat, then they move slowly, feeding intensity is reduced, will, on the shady side of the reef's here to catch some depth of 20 to 30 meters in the summer night is a good time to fishing, the temperature F barrier, carrying the intermittent cold, fish's appetite is big, they can swim to the shallow bay embankment bait beside abundant waters, cruising in the foraging, therefore, this area should be a good place to go fishing

       Fishing site selection in Autumn

       After autumn, the north wind is gradually more, the weather is high and cool, the temperature drops, fish need to find a lot of food, feeding intensity is very big, young fish and adult fish tend to shore shallow water, this is a good fishing opportunity fishing point is appropriate close not far, can choose in the near shore where abundant bait

       Fishing site selection in Winter

       In winter, the temperature drops sharply, fish fear of cold, most visitors in the deep sea dormant and through the winter, close to the fish to catch these fish has no way, if you want to fish, fishing should be selected in the deep water rocks and low sea floor hysteretic

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