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Safety awareness is essential when operating yachts

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Safety awareness is essential when operating yachts

     Yachting is a fashionable and happy sport, but this sport also requires safety. Due to the particularity of the environment, once anyone enters the wharf, safety must be the first priority, especially when boarding and onboard.

     1. On the dock

     Although the dock has more space than the ship, the dock is the place where the ship is to be moored. If there is a ship, there must be a mooring rope. When walking and standing, pay attention to your feet and the surrounding environment to avoid tripping or being injured by the rope.

     2. Boarding

     For safety, railings and protective ropes are installed on the side of the ship. If there is no way to board the ship, you need to cross the railing to get to the ship when boarding. Compared to the dock, the ship moves at any time. Be sure to look at the railing of the ship's gunwale, first grasp it firmly with your hands to make sure it is firm, then board one foot to the gunwale, and decisively pull with your other foot to leave the dock and step on the ship. Don't worry when crossing the railing, so as not to bump your legs by the railing.

     3. On board

     When walking on the boat, remember to find a firm place with your hands at all times, because the boat is shaking. In addition, pay attention to your feet and avoid being bumped by pulleys, slides or other objects. When walking in the cabin, also pay attention to looking for the handle, grasp it before moving. Pay attention to the feet, legs and top of the head to avoid being tripped and injured when passing the cabin.

     4. Go to sea

     Due to the reflection of the water surface, the ultraviolet rays at sea are more intense. People who have no experience in going to sea should take good skin protection. Sunscreen is not a panacea. The best way is to cover the skin as much as possible to reduce UV exposure. Once the skin is burned, you can apply some sunscreen to relieve the sting. Don't worry, the possibility of getting burned next time after shedding a layer of skin will be very small.

     Some people will experience seasickness. If you insist on going out to sea, you must prepare seasickness medicine. Take it when you feel unwell. Most people can adapt to seasickness. Try to be on the deck and find something to do. If you are convinced that your seasickness reaction is severe, it is best to stop the voyage and return to the shore. If it is a long voyage, take seasickness medicine after experiencing seasickness and find a place to rest. Pay attention to drinking water on time, force yourself to eat, and get out of the cabin to breathe fresh air in time. This is very painful for people who are seasick, but lying on the bunk without eating or drinking is more dangerous. Seasickness is a physiological cause as well as a psychological effect. Once you see land or small islands, the seasickness phenomenon will disappear immediately. It is very important to maintain confidence.

     Life jackets are essential items on board, one piece per person. Whether to wear it varies from person to person, and from time to time. Regardless of whether it is worn or not, after boarding, you must know where the life jacket is placed, how to wear it, and how to use it, and confirm whether the number of life jackets can meet the needs of everyone.

     5. Know the existence of danger

     There are many moving objects on the deck, such as sails, ropes, girder, and winches. Untrained personnel should stay away. On the deck, make sure that you are in a safe position, be especially careful about the sudden swing of the stringer, and observe whether the rope is secured. Many people like to take pictures on the boat, but taking pictures will divert attention and ignore the existence of danger.

     If you must take a picture, you must first make sure that your location is safe, and you won’t fall or get hurt even if the ship shakes suddenly. Always remember that the ship is only a vehicle, not a stage. If there is no corresponding safety measures to protect it, you must not make dangerous moves. Smooth sailing and safety is the guarantee.

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