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Rebirth of a cruise

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The revival of modern cruise ships began in the 1970s.In 1972, Ted Allison purchased the "Martigras" cruise ship and established the Carnival Cruise Company to operate the cruise business.Unlike previous ocean-going passenger ships, cruise ships are no longer engaged in fixed-line and regular transportation operations at sea.Instead, it cruises in the form of a cruise and returns to the port of origin after a few days of sailing.Nowadays, the cruise has become a comfortable and leisurely way of tourism, and it has a breathtaking vitality. He has promoted the development of tourism, manufacturing, finance and other industries and has become a world-famous emerging industry.

Although the cruise has long since got rid of the "mail transport" positioning, it has evolved into a marine leisure platform.But the term "cruise" has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.And used it down.On the one hand, it symbolizes the memory of history and the inheritance of culture.On the other hand it has become a unique business card.Make it different from ordinary cruise ships - destinations that tourists want, not transportation

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