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Private yacht interior, appearance, configuration brief introduction

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Private yacht interior, appearance, configuration brief introduction

       According to the yacht function is different, the inside facilities are also slightly different, luxury yacht interior decoration, small private yacht configuration and other knowledge

       Private yacht interior, appearance, configuration brief introduction


       According to different function of the yacht, the facilities is also slightly different, such as: sports yachts are generally form a complete set of high power engine, and the facilities may be simple, but casual yacht will pay more attention to family, such as: kitchen, guest rooms, karaoke equipment, electronic game room, extended family fishing stern, etc to meet the leisure atmosphere. Fishing boats are equipped with pole bearings, bait boxes, line cutting machines and other facilities.

        Luxury yacht interiors is very exquisite, accomplish the luxurious, inside the cabin of a luxury yacht, very pay attention to the arrangement of the family atmosphere, the host is installed inside the room, guest room, living room, kitchen, bathroom, shower room, swimming and diving platform, but also to meet the needs of office, shall be equipped with advanced communications equipment, office equipment and conference equipment, luxury yacht is the need to into a home office as a whole configuration.

        The configuration of small private yacht is about simple much, have a master room only commonly, guest room, toilet; The middle level has a living room, a cockpit and a kitchen. The upper deck has an open observation deck and a bridge. In order to prevent sun protection and rain, a soft canopy is usually installed. In terms of power and technology, it is equipped with engines, generators, radar, professional instruments, telephone communication equipment, air conditioning equipment, household appliances, and even satellite navigation system, integrating modern office and home leisure.


         In general, is what kind of type of yacht you need, you can put forward your requirements, now luxury yacht manufacturers will according to the specific needs of the customer, build the corresponding yacht, you can also let the manufacturer for you to build a private yacht belongs to their own.

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