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Maintenance of fiberglass boat

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Fiberglass is based on synthetic resin,Made of glass fiber reinforced material,It has a similar strength to steel,Superior water and corrosion resistance,An aesthetic appearance with a glossy, mirror-like surface,Integral molding features.But it has some drawbacks,Such as small stiffness and poor wear resistance.In particular, there are many factors that affect quality,This makes the same product quality difference will be very big.

Compared to a steel wood ship,Fiberglass ships have fewer maintenance features,This is decided by the superior performance of fiberglass itself,But fiberglass, like all materials, also has aging problems, but the aging process is slow.Even though a protective coating of gelatinous resin was applied to the surface of the boat,However, as the thickness is only 0.3-0.5 mm, it can be damaged and reduced under constant friction and environmental erosion.Therefore, less maintenance of FRP is not without maintenance,Proper maintenance can not only maintain a beautiful appearance, but also extend the life of the fiberglass boat.

Apart from the routine maintenance of machinery and equipment, the main points of the maintenance of FRP boats are as follows,

1. Avoid contact with sharp, hard objects,Scratches and other damage may occur in the friction collision between the FRP hull and the metal members of the concrete structures along the shore.Protective measures should be taken such as the provision of anti-collision and wear resistant metal and rubber fender materials at the parts of the bow alongside the wharf and the side where the ship is often subject to friction.Wear - resistant rubber and plastic soft materials are laid on the deck.

2. Repair the damage in time,Check hull frequently,Such as found resin peeling scratches deeper exposed to the fiber,Must be repaired in time,Otherwise the damage will be accelerated by water infiltration.

3. When not in use, especially in the winter season, to shore to place,Because of the water absorption of fiberglass, water can gradually penetrate into the interior along the small channel between fiberglass and resin, and the strength of fiberglass decreases gradually,Especially in winter, the infiltration of water when cold ice, so that seepage channel expansion, more harm.Accordingly, every winter when boat need not, should leave water to go ashore to put aside, make the water of infiltration volatilize come out, intensity can restore gradually.This will extend the service life of the ship,The boat should be washed and put in place with padding after going ashore,Had better put at indoor, if put at outdoor, apply awning cloth to cover, often ventilated, prevent moisture,Where boats are temporarily not used, it is best to shore maintenance from the water.

4. Keep water out of the boat.If there is water in the boat, remove it immediately.In the case of battery fluid and other acid and alkali medium in the boat, must be promptly washed clean after wiping dry.

5. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.In the boat parking place should be set up pergola, long-term exposure to the glass fiber reinforced plastics, gelcoat color will also be affected.

6. Clean regularly.The surface of the boat should be kept clean and the deck scrubbed regularly.The surface that is stained by oiled content can be cleaned with common household cleaner,Do not use corrosive solvent, do not use cleaning powder wire scrub, so as not to leave scratches, affect the appearance.If the stain is difficult to remove, you can use gasoline, kerosene, diesel and toluene xylene styrene acetone and other cleaning,But wash must immediately rinse with water, to prevent invasion of the internal structure.Cleaning can also be supplemented by tools scraping shovel,But should use the bamboo wood sheet that hardness is lower than glass steel or plastic sheet.So as not to scratch the surface.When swabbing, can use gauze of sweat cloth soft towel and soft qualitative the soft material such as foam plastic.

7. Remove salt in time.Ships sailing in sea areas should promptly remove salt crystals attached to their surfaces.Because the salt crystals have the focusing effect of convex lens under the sunlight, the aging of the surface glass fiber reinforced plastics will be accelerated under the action of high temperature.

8. Wax and polish regularly,In order to polish the hull and protect the rubber coat, the hull should be waxed and polished regularly.The material can be used for car wax or glass fiber reinforced plastics special polishing wax, can be on two to three times, every time at an interval of 2 hours, so that the surface of glass fiber reinforced plastics formed a tough wax film.It is best to use a portable polishing machine to polish the surface and make it as bright as new.

9. Apply paint to maintain aesthetics and durability.The new boat with gelatine coating has a beautiful appearance, but after use in 2003, the colour gradually faded and lost its luster. The darker colour is worse than the lighter one.In order to maintain the appearance of the ship, when the appearance of gelcoat color old scratches more, can be applied to paint method.In all kinds of paint, polyurethane and epoxy resin paint is the best.Before painting, boat table should be cleaned first, with clean mold water in addition to wax agent in addition to wax, and water abrasive paper water mill, deep scratch to embed epoxy putty, according to paint requirements to do early work after applying paint (best spray paint), after painting and new boat as beautiful.

10.         The management unit of FRP boats should know the maintenance knowledge of boats.It's best to learn simple repair techniques,This is of great benefit to prolonging the life of fiberglass boats and improving their operating efficiency.

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