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List of matters needing attention for yacht operators

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List of matters needing attention for yacht operators

    If the sightseeing yacht makes a U-turn, what should the operator pay attention to?


Consider the maneuverability of the boat, such as the flexibility of the rudder, the type of propeller (single and double vehicles), the composition, stability and loading of the superstructure on the deck. Choose a U-turn location


   (2) Determine the method and direction of U-turn based on the width, water flow, wind direction and obstacles of the U-turn channel.


   (3) Before the U-turn, the prescribed U-turn signal should be displayed to cause the surrounding yachts to be exhausted, and it is only necessary to turn around when looking around.


   (4) During the U-turn, pay close attention to changes in the surrounding environment and other ship dynamics to avoid collisions with passing ships. Do not make U-turns across the bow of other ships.


   (5) Make full use of wind power and water flow, use cars and rudders properly, and make the yacht turn around safely and quickly.


   (6) The speed of the rudder should be slowed when the single boat is launched and dropped into the water. Prevent heeling.

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