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Introduction of advanced yacht control system

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Introduction of advanced yacht control system

Introduction of advanced yacht control system

       Various types of yacht technology are always representative of ship technology. In addition to the automatic control system already introduced, there are the following various control systems.

       1 Anti-sway gyro system

       It can reduce the yacht swing by more than 50% and improve the stability of the yacht.

       2 Anti-vibration system

       Small boats will bump up and down with the waves when sailing in big waves. The anti-vibration system adopts the hull double hull technology, which is like installing shock absorbers on the boat, which greatly reduces the bumps of the yacht.

       3 full touch screen

       Reduce the number of mechanical operations. On an integrated touch screen, you can operate, control, and manage the reserve consumption, equipment and alarms on the yacht.

       4 gecko tail

       When the boat is sailing, sometimes because of debris in the water or entering shallow water, it will touch the propeller and transmission mechanism under the boat body, and even damage the boat body into water. The "gecko tail" technical device is that when encountering such a situation, the transmission mechanism and the propeller will automatically fall off, thereby effectively protecting the safety of the boat.

       5 Energy Management System

       Temperature control, lighting control. The owner can adjust the lights, watch the security camera, keep the navigation equipment, and control the audio-visual equipment on board. Shortly before arrival, remotely control the lights and heater or air conditioner, and adjust the temperature sensor to ensure a comfortable constant temperature in the cabin. Ensure that everything on board is as expected while reducing energy consumption. The night lights on the outside of the ship are automatically turned on to allow the staff to move around safely. According to the brightness of the light sensed by the system or the time of day, the lights are turned on, off, or adjusted. According to sunset or when the sky becomes cloudy, open or close the blinds to achieve the maximum brightness of natural light.

       Through the TV or touch screen to provide navigation data and positioning system, so that the owner and the guests on board the yacht to understand the current location and estimated time of arrival. Centralize management of all audio and video sources on board, turn it into a multimedia center, and share it in every room.

       A luxurious yacht automation system can perfectly integrate with any current technology, allowing us to enjoy water fun while also improving our lifestyle. Significantly improve the comfort and safety of the yacht. With the development of science and technology, more advanced technologies will be applied to yachts, and the degree of automation will be greatly improved. Boats are becoming more and more inspired, and people are becoming more and more stupid, but people feel more comfortable and leisure. The first-class and easy-to-manage control maximizes the luxury of yacht life.

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