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How to transport aluminum fishing boat

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     Private aluminum fishing boat transportation is also a common headache in the industry. If conditions permit, it is best to drive a private aluminum fishing boat directly to the place where you are using it. However, this is rarely the case

      The fishing boat must be wrapped up in a rope net to hold the package in place.

       On Chinese highways, if the height is more than 5m, passage will be very difficult.Generally, during transportation, two posts should be set at the front of the vehicle, which are the same height as the fishing boat. In case of a bridge or culvert tunnel, the posts will play an early warning role and prevent the fishing boat from being damaged.The height of the longitudinal girder of the truck should be raised and lowered to the ground if necessary.

       China's yacht industry is gradually mature, the yacht hoisting and transportation will follow progress across China have also been a professional yacht service abroad has a lot of this yacht service company, to help buyers to accept the yacht from the wheel of imports, to open the packing clean full service, installation and debugging and fee is not high.

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