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How to maintance your aluminum fishing boat in cold winter

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How to maintance your aluminum fishing boat in cold winter

About maintenance of aluminum alloy fishing boats in cold winter,There are two point need to focus on.

1.Antifreeze has winter antifreeze summer anti - boiling, annual anti - scale anti - corrosion and other excellent performance,same as the car.In winter,The use and maintenance of aluminum alloy fishing boat should check antifreeze above all.When the temperature is approaching 0, the antifreeze mixture is injected into the cooling pipe, and the water-containing device can effectively avoid freezing.It is important to note that the cooling loop should be cleaned before antifreeze is injected.However, when the outside temperature drops below zero, the water in the pipe can still freeze and cause the pipe to break.Therefore, check all water cut systems and equipment frequently,Including seawater system and fresh water system, such as engine cooling system, generator cooling system, fresh water pump wiper, etc

2.Ensure fuel mobility.At low temperatures, diesel produces solid paraffin-like aerosols that block the oil filter, preventing the engine from working properly.Therefore, appropriate diesel fuel should be used in winter to ensure fuel mobility

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