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How to choosing a fishing boat/yacht berth

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How to choosing a fishing boat/yacht berth

     Choosing a good dock is crucial. Geographical location, number of berths, supporting services, and practical convenience facilities. Which factors are more important? We interviewed two industry experts to answer your confusion and questions when looking for a suitable terminal.     

  “The services that each terminal can provide to shipowners are very different,” said Joy Koch McPeters, founder of Marinalife. Marinalife is a cruise management service company that provides information and online reservation systems for ports in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and Central America. "So you and your VIPs must first determine whether it is geographical location (for example, the pier is closer to a certain city or a certain location) or more attention to convenience facilities (such as swimming pools, restaurants, yacht clubs, etc.). These factors have a bearing on the price of berths. A decisive influence."    

   "The convenience of getting in and out of the terminal (both land and sea) is the most basic consideration," said Roberto Perocchio, president of the Italian Tourist Port Association. "A good wharf requires the port to be deep enough to cover storms, enough space for ships to enter the port, and a large number of berths."      

    Whether you prefer a port close to your home or a place where you often go to sea as a dock, you must make sure that the dock is easy to access (unless the dock provides additional system services). This is because you may need to maintain your love boat when you are not using it, or perform maintenance when the weather is bad. The best port location is within 1-2 hours' drive from your city, or near the railway station or airport. This will allow you to make full use of your free time and make it easier to sail.   

    "Also pay attention to whether the port system is well-maintained and whether the employees are dedicated, loyal and reliable," Perocchio continued. "You also need to carefully understand the series of services provided by the terminal, including: reception, security system, Technical support, transportation services, restaurants, and entertainment facilities. Among them, adequate berthing water and a complete security system are crucial; whether the terminal is equipped with a replenishment station is not so important, because one can usually be found nearby. The gathering place of the guests, such as the yacht club, swimming pool or fitness center, will complement the life on the boat for you and your VIPs. At the same time, if there are more than one fixed crew on the boat, their services can bring you more intimate Care and help."     

     In view of the wide variety of the above-mentioned services, the price of berths varies greatly; therefore, it is best to compare the infrastructure and convenience facilities of various ports and evaluate them on this basis. Sometimes, if you choose a lower-priced berth, you cannot get timely and effective emergency assistance, or you cannot enjoy high-quality private services. 

    "Some terminals will offer discounts to yacht club members or members of groups like Marinalife," McPeters said. "This creates a model that can save some berth fees and enjoy high-quality services."  

     When reading all the contracts, you must go through them one by one anyway, because sometimes there are automatic renewal or price changes clauses, and these hidden contents will not be explained to the ship owner in advance. You should also need to adopt some methods to reduce the cost of berths (in this regard, you can consult a professional), such as pushing her to the rental market when the yacht is not in use.      

     "Our management services take into account the special requirements of customers and their personal preferences. These factors may affect their final choice. For example, they often sail with their children or pets." McPeters said,       "We always recommend that ship owners come before making a decision. Take a field inspection of the terminals to see if they meet their requirements. More comprehensive and detailed customer information allows us to help customers directly find terminals that really meet their needs." Although there are industry guides like Pagine Azzurre for guidance, you need to obtain More practical information is mainly based on oral publicity. "It is very important to exchange experience with other shipowners to determine whether the port they choose is reasonable." Perrocchio concluded, "Industry associations are also an important source of information for obtaining advice and related terminal conditions."

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