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Gothenburg port: a new epidemic could speed up the digitization of shipping

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Gothenburg port: a new epidemic could speed up the digitization of shipping

As a result of the outbreak, most of the world's ports have been forced to review their daily work to minimise physical contact between ship crews and dockworkers. With that in mind, the port of gothenburg points out that the epidemic could accelerate the digitization of the previously conservative shipping industry.

When ports encounter this unprecedented situation, greater use of digital tools has become part of the solution in order to maintain efficient workflows.

At the same time, the outbreak has resulted in new working patterns, with ships staying docked for longer than ever. Although much of the work is done remotely before the ship docked, once at the dock, there is usually a series of physical interactions between the crew and the dockworkers.

This may involve everything from inspecting the quality of the goods to various permits, safety checks and readiness before loading or unloading.

We are now in a weak position, we restrict access to critical personnel such as pilots and service technicians. Fortunately, we can use computer systems and email exchanges to do most things, even if it takes longer.

In this regard, Dan Eric Anderson, chief operating officer of the gothenburg energy port, added that in the long run, the port could improve efficiency by introducing new working models and systems that ensure more tasks are carried out simultaneously rather than sequentially.

Prior to this, the port of gothenburg was increasingly interested in digitization and automation prior to covid-19, including the use of Permesso, a digital system that resulted in significantly less administration and face-to-face contact when issuing work permits to contractors, as well as fewer automatic doors and fuel applications for trucks.

Marin collin, deputy chief executive of the gothenburg port authority, which is in charge of the digitisation process, said the port would introduce extensive digital change in the near future and could bring about substantial change.

We are currently studying how ai can use historical data to predict events and speed up the decision-making process. We can improve planning by making data-driven decisions, identifying trends, and predicting events. Thus we can create a platform for more efficient movement and movement of goods by land and sea.

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