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Four types of hosting methods for private luxury yachts

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Four types of hosting methods for private luxury yachts

After you have successfully purchased your own private yacht, the next step is to understand the specific private luxury yacht management. The content of private yacht management is more complicated, and it is not easy to do.Combining the experience of yachting developed countries, the management of private yachts can be summarized in the following ways: 

      First, if the yacht sales company has yacht management services, it can be directly handed over to the yacht sales company at the time of purchase. Because most yacht sales companies have professional maintenance personnel, and they are more familiar with yacht components, so that yacht maintenance and maintenance can be more convenient and save effort.

      Second, manage it yourself. Many people think that yacht management is very simple, as long as you hire a captain and several sailors, you can manage the yacht well. However, unprofessional yacht managers, because they do not understand professional yacht management knowledge, often fail to maintain the yacht well. Yacht management requires professional captains and sailors to maintain cleanliness, otherwise the life and efficiency of the yacht will have big problems.

      Third, hand it over to a professional yacht management company. At present, some yacht management companies have appeared in the country, which professionally provide customers with transportation, certification, cleaning, maintenance, and maintenance services. Because they are professional, you can rest assured. But in general, there are still relatively few companies in this area in China. It should be in the near future that yacht management companies will become more and more professional.

      Fourth, give it to the yacht club to manage. In foreign countries, yacht clubs are responsible for most of the private yacht management. Now in the domestic situation, in order to keep up with the development momentum of China's yacht industry, yacht clubs have sprung up, and most of them can also provide yacht management services. At the same time, the yacht club also undertakes berth leasing, membership development, yacht leasing and sales, and even the development and sales of yacht-related real estate.

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