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Cummins Marine Diesel Engine

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Cummins Marine Diesel Engine


6CT8.3 Marine Engines

Type Inline 6 cylinders, water-cooled, four strokes
Bore×stroke (mm) 114×135
Displacement(L) 8.3
Aspiration charged, inter-cooled
Maximum power(Hp/kw) 235/175
Rated speed(rpm) 1800
Product Advantages

• With advanced design and exquisite manufacturing process, the engine features high reliability and durability, adaptable to high-strength and heavy-duty operations under severe working conditions.

• High-pressure fuel pump enables complete combustion under high injection pressure, featuring low energy loss, strong power, high fuel adaptability and lower emissions.

• Holset supercharger with integral wastegate offers low-speed response and dynamic performance.

• With integral cylinder design, parts are about 25% less than similar products, featuring lower failure rate and easier maintenance.

• The cylinder liner adopts plateau honing cross hatch and corrosion-resistant high nickel cast iron piston, which significantly reduces engine oil loss and improves durability and service life.

• With advanced design, the power per liter is increased up to 23.4 kW / liter.

• The three-stage filter ensures balanced particle dispersion, protects main components of the fuel system and maximizes engine life.

Product Portfolio

Rated power output


Peak torque


Cylinders Displacement (L) Aspiration
6CTA8.3-M188 138@2328 152@2400 6 8.3 charged, inter-cooled
6CTA8.3-M205 151@2328 166@2400 6 8.3 charged, inter-cooled
6CTA8.3-M220 164@1800 180@1885 6 8.3 charged, inter-cooled
6CT8.3-GM115 115@1500 126@1500 6 8.3 Ordinary charged
6CT8.3-GM129 129@1800 142@1800 6 8.3 Ordinary charged
6CTA8.3-GM155 155@1500 170@1500 6 8.3 charged, inter-cooled
6CTA8.3-GM175 175@1800 193@1800 6 8.3 charged, inter-cooled

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