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Cruise ship or yacht?

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The cruise ship is a general term for all types of passenger ships that carry passengers for travel, visits, and excursions.A cruise ship does not specifically refer to a certain type of ship.But a customary name.The content it covers is very broad.All vessels engaged in tourism and sightseeing can be included.It includes both cruises on the upper reaches of the ocean.Also includes sailing cruises in the Yangtze River,It even includes the yachts floating in the park.

Therefore, the cruise ship contains a cruise ship, while the cruise ship is a special cruise ship.

The origin of the cruise

In the mid-19th century, communication between the UK and the Americas was increasingly frequent.Royal Mail allows private shipping companies to carry letters and parcels on contract.Therefore, ocean-going passenger ships sailing on the Atlantic began to operate the mail transportation business.And with the prefix of the Royal Cruise (RMS), the name of the cruise will come from this stage.

Cruises used to be a popular means of transportation to and from the United States and Europe.His unique luxury facilities and services were once popular among the upper class. The most widely circulated is the Titanic Cruise.

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