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Commercial aluminum alloy yacht inspection technical requirements

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Commercial aluminum alloy yacht inspection technical requirements


1. Applicable to all non-commercial motor yachts including sea and river navigation;

2. The inspection period is the same as that of the general cargo ship, but the drawing data and inspection items are simplified considering the characteristics of the yacht. And introduce the inspection mode of product type approval to the batch production prototype boat;

3, in some aspects of the requirements as far as possible in line with ISO, such as the force sealing plate requirements, door and window cover tightness requirements;

4. According to the actual situation of non-commercial aluminum alloy yacht, the outfitting, fire fighting equipment and life-saving equipment are simplified. For boats fixed in warm waters, open double-sided liferaft are allowed instead of inflatable liferaft;

5. Considering from the aspect of aesthetics, aluminum alloy yachts do not require surveying and drawing load line marks;

6. Considering that the sailing area of aluminum alloy yacht is not fixed, it is required to add depth finder. Add radar to boats engaged in night navigation.

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