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Advantages of FRP luxury yachts and FRP ships

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                                      Advantages of FRP luxury yachts and FRP ships

       FRP is also known as GRP, or fiber reinforced plastics,Generally refers to glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester,Epoxy resin and phenolic resin matrix,Reinforced plastics of glass fiber or its products as reinforcing materials,It's called fiberglass reinforced plastic,Or fiberglass.Because of the different kinds of resins used,So there's polyester fiberglass,fiber glass epoxy plastic,Phenolic fiberglass.

      1.Light in weight and strong in strength, it has great potential to reduce the structural weight

      2.Resistant to corrosion and sea life adhesion, it is more suitable for Marine environment than traditional shipbuilding materials

      3,Good dielectric and microwave penetration, suitable for military ships

      4.It can absorb high energy and has good impact toughness

      5.Low thermal conductivity and good insulation

      6.The hull surface can achieve mirror smooth, rich and varied colors, especially suitable for the construction of yachts with complex structure, diverse styles and beautiful appearance

      7.It has good designability and can optimize the design according to different requirements of different parts of the ship structure through the study of material layering and structural type

      8.The integrity is good, can achieve the entire hull no seams and gaps

     9.The hull is simple to form, more labor-saving than steel and wood ships and especially good for mass production, which has great potential to reduce the cost

     10.Easy maintenance, much less maintenance cost than steel aluminum and wood ships, good economic performance for the whole life

     11.Fiberglass has low density and high strength. It is stronger than steel and heavier than aluminum. Its specific gravity is only one-quarter to one-sixth of that of ordinary steel


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